Thursday, January 24, 2019

Onie Wheeler/The Lonesome Ozark Cowboys - Agana 1352

I had someone ask me if I had this disc a few times. Apparently it`s a pretty rare disc. I think this may be the first disc issued of Onie Wheeler and his wife Jean before he started recording for Columbia. There are some Onie Wheeler LP`s here in the Archive so I`m not going to go into any particulars on him here. I will say his daughter, Karen Wheeler, has a website at that has some nice information.
I`m guessing this was recorded about 1951 or 1952, but I couldn`t really find any information about Agana and this is the only disc I`ve ever saw on the label.

Track list---
Shackles And Chains (the great Jimmie Davis song)
What`s Wrong With My Daddy (a sad number about the typical drunk daddy)

Click here to download Onie Wheeler/The Lonesome Ozark Cowboys - Agana 1352


  1. According to Praguefrank's discography ( Shackles & Chains was recorded ca 1949 and was Wheeler's very first recording. At, apparently, that same Detroit session he recorded he recorded "You Shattered Many a Dream" and "Too Young to Marry", released on Agana 1355. I have that same information published on Volume 1 (OW-01) of Tiger Records 4 volume Complete Onie Wheeler recordings. (this could be a duplicate comment but the first effort disappeared, so...) 3rd time's the charm, maybe?

    1. It`s funny what internet searches turn up for different people. I did a search and found none of the information you did. Good job!

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