Sunday, July 15, 2018

Welling & McGhee as The Martin Brothers - Paramount 3217

The Martin Brothers (Frank Welling & John McGhee) / Paramount 3217
Whistling Rufus / Climbing Up Dem Golden Stairs
recorded October 1929 in New York City, New York

Here is one of those `mystery` records. Why was this not issued under the name Welling & McGhee? They were quite popular recording artists in the late 1920`s. I`m just guessing, but it surely would have sold more under their real names. Whistling Rufus was a common fiddle instrumental. It was an old pop `coon` song from vaudeville performances. The real name of the song was Rufus Blossom and had words, and is sang here on this disc. We also get some good jew`s harp playing. Climbing Up Dem Golden Stairs is what I`d call a `white spiritual`, a song written to sound like an earlier spiritual type song, although maybe the song is an older song than I suspect. CAUTION ---- both sides contain words that we now consider very offensive racially! So, PLEASE, if you are offended by that sort of stuff, please don`t download this. At any rate - happy listening as these are some interesting sides if you are a fan of old time music.

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