Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Bill Ring Show - #65-66

Here is the next disc for all you rabid Bill Ring fans. Thanks for the patience waiting for posts.

Track list for show #65---
1. Caribbean - Bill Ring
2. B. Bowman`s Hop - Doc Martin
3. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Slim Wilson And The Tall Timber Trio
4. I Love You Because - Bill Ring
5. Cryin` Steel Guitar Waltz - Speedy Haworth
6. Waiting For Ships That Never Come In - Bill Ring

Track list for show #66---
1. Hot Diggity Dog - Bill Ring
2. Stainless Steel - Speedy Haworth
3. I`m Gonna Love You One More Time - Sally Briggs
4. Wrong I`ll Always Be - Bill Ring
5. Oklahoma Stomp - Doc Martin
6. It Is No Secret - Bill Ring and Sally Briggs

Click here to download The Bill Ring Show - #65-66


  1. Rabid puts in mildly. Patience is what keeps me alive in my advancing years. As always THANK YOU holder of the greatest collection of Bill Ring.

  2. Thanks as always!! Randy

  3. I've been coming here for years and continue to love these little updates. Thanks so much for all you do!