Sunday, August 16, 2015

Akins Birmingham Boys - Columbia 15348-D

Akins Birmingham Boys - Columbia 15348-D
I Walked And Walked / There Ain`t No Flies On Auntie
recorded October 31, 1928 in Atlanta, Georgia
Here is another group that only recorded one disc. My copy of this is pretty rough, but it`s plenty listenable. I don`t know anything about this group. Both of the songs sound like they might be old comedy pop tunes of the Vaudeville type. Enjoy!

Click here to download Akins Birmingham Boys - Columbia 15348-D


  1. I downloaded Roy Acuff - A Living Legend and i got an error while trying to open it. I tried several times downloading it but it won't work. Any chance you migh re-upload it? Thanks!

    1. That download is now fixed. When you find a bad link, please post on the page the bad link is on, it`s speeds up things some.