Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two more Hery Whitter 78`s on the OKeh label

Here is a couple new discs I have recently acquired to add to the Henry Whitter posts from the past.

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40395
My Darling`s Black Mustache / The Clouds Gwine To Roll Away
recorded April 23/24, 1925 in New York City
My Darling`s Black Mustache is sort of a comic love song. The Clouds Gwine To Roll Away is sort of in the spiritual vein with a comic twist.

Henry Whitter / OKeh 40403
Love Me While I Am Living / Good-Bey, Old Booze
recorded at same session as OKeh 40395
Love Me While I Am Living is sort of a morbid love song. Good-Bye, Old Booze is an old comic song. This particular performance is Henry`s worst side I think. It`s in too high a key for his voice and his voice breaks. It`s worth hearing to hear how awful it is!

Click here to download Henry Whitter on OKeh 40395/40403


  1. Thanks! "Love Me Now While I Am Living," Anita Carter recorded a song of the same name for RCA-Victor in the early 1960s, but they are likely not the same. Have to hear Whitter's recording yet.

  2. Thanks for these! I'm attempting to reconstruct some lost discogs, particularly from media previously purchased on Juneberry78s (no longer selling due to the passing of the site curator).

    Anyway, I hope that Document decides to release Whitter's material some day; it goes great paired alongside their release of his work wth G.B. Grayson.

    Much obliged, Allen.

  3. I have found a few more OKeh Henry Whitter sides I hope to be able to post sometime this winter, so stay tuned right here!