Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zeb Harrelson and M.B. Padgett on OKeh 45078

Zeb Harrelson and M.B. Padgett / OKeh 45078
Soldier`s Joy / Finger Ring
recorded October 28, 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia

Here is another disc in our "series" of "complete recorded out-put" of an artists. I know absolutely nothing about these performers. Soldier`s Joy is of course a very common tune. Finger Ring sounds like it may be related to the song Cindy and has a vocal in it. They have a pretty good Georgia sound. The record is in VERY rough condition and the sound is pretty noisy, but not to bad for how rough the disc is. This is also an acoustic (pre-microphone) recording, so the sound is a little thin anyhow. Enjoy!

Click here to download Zeb Harrelson and M.B. Padgett - OKeh 45078


  1. Awesome blog my friend, I am so happy I found you, been having fun checking out some old time tunes out here in Hawaii, keep it up, I'll be following!