Monday, January 5, 2015

Hal Aloma And His Hawaiians - two 78 albums on Decca

Happy New Year neighbors of the Archive! The weather has sure turned cold so I thought maybe some Hawaiian music would maybe warm us up. What I have here is two 78 album sets of fine Hawaiian music by Hal Aloma And His Hawaiians. Enjoy!
So first we have Album No. A-429 with the song list on the cover. The inside of the album is blank. This would be Vol.1, although when they issued this set they may not have known there`d be a Vol.2.

Click here to download Hal Aloma - King`s Serenade - Decca A-429 

And of course next we have Album No. A-506, which Actually says Volume Two on the cover. The songs are also on the cover of this album like "Volume 1", but the inside of this album is not blank.

 Click here to download Hal Aloma - King`s SerenadeVolume 2 - Decca A-506

And here is the inside of the back cover---


  1. Hi
    Happy New Year to you also.!
    Thanks for again some very nice music.
    I hope a lot come my way this year.....?

  2. Couldn't be more perfect. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing these. Apparently these have never been re-issued and it is hard to determine what year they were recorded. Were these before or after his work with Tommy Dorsey? Thank you again and happy new year!


    1. I have no idea as this type of music and the time it was recorded isn`t really in my area of interest beyond just hearing the music. I don`t believe there was a date anywhere on either album cover.

    2. I believe the first volume is from 1946 and the second from 1947. I searched and found references to the Decca catalog numbers in old issues of Billboard.

  4. Thank you for these, some truly classic recordings, so awesome, mahalo nui loa from the Big Island!!!

  5. Both Hal Aloma albums are wonderful - thanks for sharing!