Monday, March 24, 2014

E.F. "Poss" Acree - OKeh 40197

E.F. "Poss" Acree / OKeh 40197
Missouri Waltz / Chicken Reel
recorded in March 1924 in Atlanta, Georgia

Here`s another artist that I can find no information about at all. I don`t even know what his initials stand for. Here`s a few facts I can tell you about the record though. This was recorded 90 years ago this month! This is the only disc this artist made. It`s some of the earliest country music to be recorded. We have here a pretty good harmonica solo. Missouri Waltz was a pretty popular tune, to be made popular again in the late 1940`s by President Harry Truman, who was a piano picker and frequently played this tune on the piano as he was from Missouri, and reportedly he didn`t care for the song. Chicken Reel is of course the old time hoedown tune we are still familiar with today and is well played here. This disc is in pretty good condition and sound quality is pretty good for a field recording at the time with acoustic (non-microphone) recording equipment, but there is a buzz in the background that I can`t figure out. It is on the disc though, not a problem with any of my equipment. Happy Downloading!

Click here to download E.F. "Poss" Acree - OKeh 40197


  1. Edgar Franklin Acree (1892-1966 see findagrave!) was
    born in Toccoa, Georgia. He was a locomotive fireman.
    all the best from Germany, Hilmar Wensorra.