Saturday, March 1, 2014

Clayton McMichen - Old Time Fiddlin` Pieces

Here is a great 78 album I have.  This is Clayton McMichen (from the Skillet Lickers, Georgia Wildcats, etc) playing what are really considered absolutely "must play" numbers that should be in ANY old-time fiddlers file, way at the bottom as a solid foundation. All tunes are very well played with excellent taste. Many fine licks, but nothing too over the top that distracts from the tunes. Some sides are solo fiddling, others have tenor banjo for back up. There are three tunes on each side of each record. The discs in this set are in excellent condition and I think the sound quality on my transfers is great. I might even say the sound quality of my transfers are better than any cd I`ve heard with a few sides of this set re-issued on. Happy Downloading!!                                                                                                                                                                             


  1. wow nice transfers! they sound great. thanks for posting!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks so much, not only for fantastic material, but for presenting it in true mono! These are great transfers...

    1. Maybe this tid -bit of information will help other people that try to play or transfer 78`s (or any mono recording I think). When you transfer 78`s, use a stereo cartridge. One channel is always noisier than the other. Usually the left channel is noisier for me. Since the disc is not in stereo, the music signal is about 99% the same for the right or left channel. so, I use an adapter in my wiring that I plug in the right channel of my amp from my turntable that a right & left cable will plug into that runs to my EQ. Thus you can get the best sound in mono that you can from any disc.

  3. Great stuff, thanks! County records also has a disc release by this title, but I'm unsure if the tracks are all the same or not.