Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New "Series" - Dick Unteed

 Here is a new "series" I`m going to start. I don`t really know anything about Dick Unteed, but he recorded at least five LP`s for the Rural Rhythm label and one on the Rome label (which may have been related somehow to Rural Rhythm). He apparently also worked for the Rural Rhythm label as a producer.
Anyhow, here`s some good old time songs mixed with some Irish comic songs, sang with a pleasant voice with some pretty good instrumentalists, such a Smoky Mountain Boy Jimmie Riddle on harmonica on some tracks. Happy downloading!

Click here to download Dick Unteed - Old Time Comedy Favorites

Click here to download Dick Unteed - More Country Comedy Songs


  1. As far as I know Dick Unteed was also the owner of Rome Records.

  2. Jack Casey owned Rome Records/Recording. Dick worked for Rome. I had a telephone conversation with Unteed's widow some years back.... she told me that Dick was of German descent on his father's side, and Irish descent on his mother's side..... That explains where the Irish material prevalent on his albums came from. She said that Dick was a prolific songwriter, having written "Little Black Dog", "Walk Slowly Darling" and a number of others..... She also said that she thought that Dick had cut one album for Rural Rhythm under a pseudonym, but if I recall correctly, she could not recall what this pseudonym was...... She said Dick never received one cent in Royalties from Rural Rhythm, but that he was happy to be on record anyway. Just thought y'all might find this information interesting, so I have shared it with y'all.

  3. This is my father...i just happened to google his name today because it is his birthday. (Casey Unteed)

  4. I had the pleasure of knowing Dick and his family before he died way back when I was a young man. Dick was kind and generous to me and gave me a really nice Thunderbird bolo that he wore on stage. I still have occasion to wear that bolo and I think of Dick and his family fondly. He was pretty much deaf from the amps when I knew him then but he still tried to play for me. I wish I had payed better attention.