Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jimmy Driftwood - Voice Of The People

 Happy New Year to everybody! I`m starting the new year with something I know a few of you have been waiting for. When I posted the other Driftwood material, I had a few requests for this LP. I had it then, but hadn`t got it transferred yet. So here it is!
As always with Jimmy Driftwood songs, there are many unique tunes here. Enjoy!

Click here to download Jimmy Driftwood - Voice Of The People


  1. We are thanking you from France,for all your good job, sharing all this great moments of country music.
    We wish you an happy new year!

  2. You'll find one cover is for the mono LPM and the stereo LPS, thanks for posting both

  3. Sorry I answered for the wrong Link. Should have been Roy Acuff below

  4. I quite like Jimmy driftwood now that i've listened to him. Thanks for posting these posts of his

  5. Many thanks.

    Jimmy had a unique vocal sound (unlike any other singers of that era) and it's interesting (and entertaining) to listen to him.

    I'd only previously heard him singing 'Battle Of New Orleans and wasn't aware that he'd also recorded for Monument.

    You've increased my knowledge of a forgotten artist from my youth.

    Ted P

  6. I knew little of Jimmy`s music before I dug up these LP`s and now like him very much!
    Thanks for the nice comments.

  7. I'd love to hear this one, but sadly the link is down. Any chance you could re-up it? I just discovered your blog and enjoy it very much, thank you for preserving these great artists and their work!

  8. An excellent album to complement the Bear Family box...this album was also released on disc from Omni. I love this guy's folksy charm.