Saturday, January 19, 2013

Country Style U.S.A. show #93-94

Well, here`s something new for the blog, 16 inch transcription discs. I`ve had a few of these for a few years, but I just lately have fixed a player to play a record this big (there isn`t enough room on a regular turntable for the disc to clear the pivot of the tone arm).
On side #93, we have Stoney & Wilma Lee Cooper. They were a great example of old-time music mixed with bluegrass and 1950`s country. On these transcription discs artists usually sang their best hits, so these tunes are great ones!
1. Lovin` You - Stoney & Wilma Lee Cooper
2. The Tramp On The Street - Wilma Lee Cooper
3. The Florida Blues - Stoney Cooper & Johnny Clark
4. Are You Walkin` And Talkin` For The Lord - Stoney & Wilma Lee Cooper
On side #94, we have Porter Wagoner with some of his fine hit numbers.
1. Company`s Comin`
2. A Satisfied Mind
3. Daydreaming Tonight
4. I Should Be With You
5. Goodmornin` Neighbor

Click here to download Country Style U.S.A show #93-94


  1. Wonderful! Thanks so much for posting this-- great stuff!

  2. These recruiting shows are a treasure chest of classic country music. Thank you!

  3. Thanks. There will be some more in the future, so stay tuned!

  4. Cannot thank you enough for this blog, just discovered recently and what a treasure chest. So I took a day off, to download everything you have posted. So now I am enjoying it one album every day for a long time. Agsin thank you very much :)

  5. Don`t lose you job on account of your blog addiction! Lol! Thanks for the encouraging words erik!