Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roy Acuff Sings Hank Williams

Here is a good one for Hank Williams Fans. I think Roy and the boys were outstanding on Hank Williams type songs. As far as the instrumentation is concerned, Hank`s Drifting Cowboys were sort of a modern version of The Smoky Mountain Boys at the time. The Drifting Cowboys featured fiddle and electric steel where The Smoky Mountain Boys mostly featured fiddle and Dobro. Also, one of Hanks favorite singers was Roy Acuff, and it`s very easy to hear the Acuff influence in Hanks vocals.
Anyhow... here`s a fine LP for you!

Click here to download Roy Acuff - Sings Hank Williams


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  2. Thanks for the re-upload.

    You have a wonderful, and often obscure, collection of material.

    I frequently check in to see what gems you have resurrected.