Sunday, October 7, 2012

Roy Acuff Hickory Recordings

Well folks, I have picked what I`m going to post for my next "series". What we are going to be looking at is Roy Acuff`s Hickory recordings. Very few of Acuff`s Hickory and later recordings have been re-issued.
As you may know, on my blog, I try really hard not to post anything that has been released on cd. There are four Acuff LP`s from Hickory that have been released on two cd`s on the Ace label, so, I will not be posting these four LP`s (although I do have these four LP`s). If you are interested in Roy Acuff and want to get these two cd`s, the titles and catalog numbers are---
Once More It`s Roy Acuff/King Of Country Music, on Ace CDCHD 988
Hand Clapping Gospel Songs/Sings American Folk Songs, on Ace CDCHD 999
So, just for fun, I have posted pictures of one of the LP covers that have been re-issued on cd because it`s sort of an interesting cover. It does have Roy on it on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium, but does not feature Roy and his own outfit, The Smoky Mountain Boys. Instead, as you can see, it shows Roy in the middle of taking a step in front of one of the oldest acts on the Grand Ole Opry, The Fruit Jar Drinkers. There are some pretty famous Opry old-timers here! To Roy`s right with the red shirt on picking guitar is Uncle Dave Macon`s son Doris, then Tommy Leffew on banjo and Hubert Gregory on guitar to the extreme right. Under the O in the word OLE on the guitar on the backdrop is Herman Crook, leader of the famous Crook Brothers String Band. In front of Roy is Jackie Phelps on electric guitar. The bass picker behind Jackie is likely Stewart Golden. I have no idea who the square dancers are.
Hope you enjoy this cover!


  1. I realy enjoy Acuff and all the years of his great music. Jackie Phelps is one of my all time favorite and could play great steel also.

  2. The square dancers are Ben Smathers and the Stoney Mountain Cloggers. That's Ben directly under the "A" on the backdrop. Kind of looks like he's wearing it as a hat!

  3. Many Many thanks for The Roy Lp's -I've enjoyed them (only this one not)- For Always Great .

  4. Any chance of reposting the links to some of these???

    1. The reason there`s no link to download this is that it has been issued on cd. I rarely will post anything available on cd. If there are others that have no link at all, that`s why. If you find a post that has a link that won`t work, let me know and I`ll fix it.

  5. Replies
    1. Please note, as said above, I haven`t posted this LP because it`s available on CD.