Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wade Mainer - Soulful Sacred Songs

 I am going to start posting my Wade Mainer LP`s. I thought that would be the next logical "series" of material to post after all the J.E. Mainer LP`s I posted.
Since it`s Sunday, what we have here is a fine gospel LP. Wade was a very fine country gospel singer. Sometime after World War 2, Wade became converted to a Christian. He still recorded some hillbilly material up into the late 1940`s, but felt his music was interffering with his new choice of religion, so he quit playing and recording for a living. Some years later, Wade met Molly O`Day and she convinced him he could witness as a Christian through gospel music. So, all the rest of his life, Wade and his wife started picking again, both gopel and traditional country. Thank God for Molly O`Day!
The material on this LP is taken from the old King sides and predates Wade quitting music due to religious convictions. Wade had recorded many gospel numbers throughout the early part of his music career.

Click here to download Wade Mainer - Soulful Sacred Songs