Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wade Mainer - Rock Of My Soul

 Here is another good gospel LP from the Wade Mainer catalog. This is an early one from the period after Molly O`Day had convinced him he could still be a Christian and play music. I would guess this is from about 1960.

Click here to download Wade Mainer - Rock Of My Soul


  1. Another great post! I love this blog. So many great albums and singles to discover. Wade was a true gem in the business. No shortage of wonderful Gospel albums by him.

  2. I keep discovering new things through this blog! I'm a songwriter, but I also play in an old-time bluegrass/southern harmony trio called Barnyard Tea and we're really digging into the old stuff. Thanks for the history lessons, Allen!

  3. I love both artists, and it's great to know of their connection.