Wednesday, June 29, 2011

J.E. Mainer - Vol.15 with Morris Herbert

Here is Volume 15 in this series.

Track list---
1. Just A Standby (no idea where this tune comes from, sounds like 1950`s county)
2. Eatin` Goober Peas (an old time number supposedly from Civil War times)
3. Silver Threads Among The Gold (an old pop tear-jerker from the erly days of the recording industry)
4. Baby Keeps Stealing (sounds like 1950`s country)
5. You`re As Welcome As The Flowers In May (an old pop tune, the first country artist to record it was Hugh Cross)
6. Bonaparte`s Retreat (the old-time fiddle tune)
7. Bird In A Guilded Cage (another ancient old pop tune)
8. I Shall Not Be Moved (the old spiritual tune)
9. Wise Guy (another country tune, possibly from the 1950`s)
10. Tell It On The Mountain (another old spiritual type song)
11. 8th Of January (the old-time fiddle number)
12. What Does The Deep Sea Say (an old-time song)
13. Lost Indian (a great old-time fiddle number)
14. Sunny Home In Tennessee (an old Charlie Pool number he got from an old pop record)
15. Bar Fly (sounds like a 1940`s-50`s novelty type song)
16. Greenback When I`m Hard Up (another old time number)
17. Georgia Railroad (an old Georgia number originally recorded by Gid Tanner & Riley Puckett, the tune is the same as Peter Went `A Fishin`)
18. Turkish Lady (no idea where this comes from, the music sounds old-time-ish, I like the tune. Possibly English in origin?)
19. Old Rattler (this is of course the old Grandpa Jones tune)

Click here to download J.E. Mainer Volume 15 with Morris Herbert

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