Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jackie Phelps - Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps

Here is a 7 inch LP of Jackie Phelps on the Edna label. I believe this was recorded soon before he passed away and was issued after his death. If you like it be sure to check out the other Jackie Phelps post in my blog.
Hope you like it!

Click here to download Jackie Phelps - Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps


  1. Thanks for more Jackie Phelps - much appreciated

  2. Jackie played lead guitar and Grandpa Jones sang a very nice balled and playd rythum guitar on Hee Haw which I though tas the best thing that ever came out of that show. It reminded me of the Shepard Brothers.

  3. Thank you very much for more music of this totally underrated and forgotten great guitar player ! What are those guitar magazines of today are doing ? I'm going back to my collection of guitar player magazine of the 60's : )