Sunday, April 10, 2011

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service LP

Here is sort of a unique item. I don`t really know anything about this type disc, except they were issued to be played over radio stations operated by the various branches of the service or at service recreation halls for entertaining the troops.
Hope you all enjoy it!

Scan of the paper sleeve it was issued in. I believe these were meant to be played only by the services a few times and then thrown away.

Click here to download Armed Forces Radio & Television LP


  1. hello!i'm a german fan from your blog and i found alot of beautyful music inside.i red that you are missing vol.17
    from the mainer collection.if you're still missing it, i can help you.i've made an upload:
    i hope , you will go on with j.e. because i'm missing
    vol. 12,13,14
    thanks alot and i hope i could help you.

  2. Well, I made a mistake earlier, it`s Vol. 16 I`m missing, but thanks!

  3. These are the Albums that AFRTS DJs in other countries used for their local radio shows (like Good Morning Vietnam). There were also disks that had the network DJs and Grand Old Opry shows.

  4. Used to live in Springfield, Ohio many years ago. My dad managed Kincaid's music store there when he was out of town performing or recording. He went to our church ... but didn't sing in the choir!