Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lots of Bradley Kincaid music from the Blue Bonnet label.

Hi folks, for my first post I`m putting up a bunch of Bradley Kincaid music from the Blue Bonnet label, I believe recorded in the 1960`s. There is 7 LP`s. I`ve heard there are 13 volumes, volume 8 through 13 being on cassette tape, which I have none of these. Bradley Kincaid was a recording artist starting in December of 1927. He was a star on the WLS Barn Dance out of Chicago at the time. He went on to be a radio & recording star up into the mid or late 40`s. He was on several different "opry" type shows through the years, even being on the Grand Ole Opry in the mid to late 40`s. He recorded off and on all through his life, although he sort of retired from professional music by the early 1950`s. He recorded so many sides, listening to any recording of his is sort of an encyclopedia of old-time music. His songs were from many fields of old-time music such as novelty (comic) songs, heart songs, disaster (topical) songs and even old English, Irish and Scottish folk songs. He "discovered" Louis Marshall Jones, later to become Grandpa Jones, and was a huge influence on Grandpa Jones` music. Grandpa Jones used and recorded many songs that were from Bradley. Hope you all get a big enjoy out of this stuff-----Allen.

Volume 1
Liza Up A Simmon Tree
Four Thousand Years Ago
Some Little Bug Is Goin` To Get You Someday
Barbara Allen
The Fatal Wedding
Gooseberry Pie
Two Little Girls In Blue
My Mother`s Beautiful Hands
Give My Love To Nell
The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me
Ain`t We Crazy
After The Ball
A Picture Of Life`s Other Side
Down By The Railroad Tracks
Somebody`s Waiting For You
The Blind Child

Click here to download Volume 1

Volume 2
The Letter Edged In Black
The Gypsy`s Warning
Fingerprints Upon The Window Pane
There`s No Place Like Home
In A Village By The Sea
My Grandfather`s Clock
My Sweet Iola
Don`t Make Me Go To Bed And I`ll Be Good
Just Plain Folks
Just As The Sun Went Down
High Grass Town
Two Little Orphans
The Hunters Of Kentucky
Life`s Railway To Heaven

Click here to download Vol.2

Volume 3
In The Hills Of Old Kentucky
Bury Me Out On The Prarie
Dog And Gun
I`d Like To Be In Texas
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married?
The Blue Tail Fly
The Three Wishes (aka Better Than Gold)
Get Away Old Man, Get Away
The House Carpenter
There`s A Red Light Ahead

Click here to download Vol.3

Volume 4
Give My Love To Nell
Sweet Kitty Wells
The Wreck On The C&O Road
Only As Far As The Gate
I Loved Her Better Than You Knew
The Life Of Jimmie Rodgers
The True And Trembling Brakeman
The Housekeeper`s Tragedy
Pearl Bryan
In The Hills Of Old New Hampshire
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

Click here to download Vol. 4

Volume 5
Molly Darlin`
Night Time In Neveda
Steamboat Bill
Nobody`s Darling
How The Banjo Was Invented
Beautiful Dreamer
Those Precious Love Letters
Ain`t We Crazy?
Charlie Brooks
Little Brown Jug
Darling Nellie Gray
When Jesus Beckons Me Home

Click here to download Vol.5

Volume 6
Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
Listen To The Mocking Bird
Willie, Down By The Pond
What`ll I Do With The Baby-O
The Blind Child
There Was An Old Soldier
My Mother`s Old Red Shawl
Little Green Valley
Tildy Johnson
Roll Along, Kentucky Moon
Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere

Click here to download Vol.6

Volume 7
The Ship That Never Returned
San Antonio
Corn Pone And Molasses
Sunshine Of Paradise Alley
Red Wing
Put My Little Shoes Away
When The Roses Bloom Again
Fond Of Chewing Gum
The Butcher`s Boy
No Sir No
Old Shep
Picture Of Life`s Other Side

Click here to download Vol. 7


  1. Here I thiught you were slowing down , so I could get caught up with my lisrtening . But I guess not , great way to start a blog !

  2. very thanks...

  3. Would you happen to have front and rear scans for each volumes and if yes could you pls share them

    1. The reason I didn`t post scans of all the covers is because they are all the same. The only difference in the front is the Volume number and some have some different colors. The backs were all the same too if I remember correctly, just the song list was different. Maybe I`ll dig them out someday to make sure. This was a really early post when I started the Archive blog and I didn`t have equipment then to do things the way I do now. I wish I could find an affordable scanner big enough for an LP cover, it`d make things so much easier!

    2. Thznks for replying. I asked because I was given files said to be Volumes 1 & 2 including scans. Volume 2 (Sunbonnet BL 105) is the same as your post, but Volume 1 (Sunbonnet BL 107) has only 14 tracks and only 4 songs in common with your post and moreover, the versions are different. According to the information I just found on discogs, it seems your Volume 1 is in fact Old Homestead OHCS 107.
      Thanks a lot for your excellent blog and my best wishes for 2016

  4. Do you have any or know of anyone that has any of the albums that The Girls Of The Golden West did for Bluebonnet in the 60's?