Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arthur Tanner 78`s on Columbia & Paramount

Well neighbors, here`s an artist you`ll not often hear or hear of. Arthur Tanner recorded in June of 1925 for the Paramount label, which also issued records on the Puritan, Silvertone & Herwin labels. Then he also recorded for Columbia 1927-1929. Arthur was related to the well known Gid Tanner somehow, but I have never been able to find out how. His Columbia recordings also featured Gid Tanner, Clayton McMichen, Lowe Stokes, Ted Hawkins & Riley Puckett. He was also on some of Gid Tanner`s Columbia Recordings. On Paramount he recorded with the great Georgia fiddler Earl Johnson & Lee Henderson.
Most of these tracks are off of my own 78`s. There are 4 of the Paramount tracks that I don`t remember where I got them. As far as the "restoration" of sound from the old 78`s, I try to leave as much sound as possible with the use of an EQ to help reduce surface noise from the record while trying to boost the the actual recording over the noise the best I can without losing any of the sounds from the performance.
Some of the Paramount sides I`ve posted are duplicates of the same song on different labels. I couldn`t decide which record has the best sound quality so I posted both and you can decide. Happy Listening!!

Paramount , Herwin & Silvertone tracks---

The Knoxville Girl
When I Was Single My Pockets Would Jingle
The Lightning Express Train
Soldier`s Joy
Show Me The Way To Go Home
Whoa Mule Whoa
Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane

Click here to download Paramount, Herwin & Silvertone sides.

Columbia tracks---

The Dissappointed Lover
Sleep On Blue Eyes
The Jealous Lover
Knoxville Girl
Shack No.9
Two Little Children
Dr. Ginger Blue
Lay Me Where Sweet Flowers Blossom

Click here to download Columbia sides


  1. Looks like a great new blog

    Now where's that Chicken song?

  2. One crazy thing about the Paramount stuff is that the instrumental song titles don`t match the songs for some of them. I don`t know if it was a mess up at the recording session or what. I have read somewhere that artists would change the name of a song sometimes to get it by the record company if they already had that particular title on disc.

  3. Thanks much for the Arthur Tanner especially and I look forward to more postings.

    Uncle Norm

  4. Hello Allen,

    a great blog. Concerning the Arthur Tanner stuff: I've got more info on Tanner and his life because Russ Tanner, Gid's great grandson, sent me bio of him. Arthur was Gid's brother. If you like to have more info on him, let me know, I'll pass it along!

  5. Hi Mellow-I`d sure love to see that Arthur Tanner bio.

  6. Paramount link is dead :(

  7. Oh no ! The Paramount link has disappeared again... is there any chance this could be fixed ? The Columbia sides sound wonderful - thanks !

  8. The Paramount link is repaired once again. Enjoy!

  9. Both Arthur Tanner zip files aren't complete

    Joop greets

    1. Someday I plan to do a new post on Arthur Tanner. I now have all of his Columbia records and lack only 2 of his Paramount discs. If anyone has Paramount 33164 and 33166 to sell, in any condition, please contact me.