Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eddie Albert - The Eddie Albert Album

Here is the most "un-country" disc I`ve posted I think, but a friend of mine and I were talking about it while back so I`m posting it for him. Eddie Albert is of course best known as Mr. Douglas from the old Green Acres television show. And devoted fan of the show will remember Mr. Douglas playing a guitar a couple times on the show. I never had thought he actually may have been a musician till I found this LP. I hate to call this disc country as he kind of defies any musical category. If you went shopping for this record when it came out I`m sure it would have been filed in the country section, or possibly folk. I hear a mix of country, folk and sort of a soft rock in amongst the tracks. There are a couple of singalong type songs with tenor banjo, a long version of the Green Acres theme song and even a Beatles tune. Give it a listen!

Click here to download Eddie Albert - The Eddie Albert Album


  1. Green Acres was one of my favourite TV shows and Eddie Albert was a fine actor. I love vintage music and television, and just about everything else vintage. You have a lovely blog.

  2. Plenty of Dylan here, but as to the Beatles . . . which did you have in mind?

    1. I just remembered wrong, I know very little about rock type stuff. As soon as I saw your message I knew I was wrong. haha