Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Bailes Brothers - Early Radio Favorites

The Bailes Brothers were a brother group that were most well known in the early and mid 1940`s. I believe there were as many as five brothers and they played music with different combinations of brothers and also as more than one group of Bailes Brothers (sounds confusing!). They sang in a style that could be said to sound Roy Acuff-ish and sang many Acuff songs. They have sort of an intense sound with their harmonies and use it to good effect, especially on "moral message" songs. They didn`t have the polished sound of the popular brother groups of the 1930`s. They recorded off and on on up into the 1980`s as solo acts and different brother combinations. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Click here to download The Bailes Brothers - Early Radio Favorites


  1. Thanks for the Bailes Brothers. My parents were friends with Walter Bailes when he was in Birmingham, Ala.

    I was very young 8 or 9 years old. My father was preacher as well as Walter Bailes. Walter would hold revivals and my mother sang some with Water and his wife.

    Walter Bailes was on the radio, WIXI 1480 out of Irondale, Al. It is a suburb of Birmingham.

  2. Great as always Allen..Good music