Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Carter Family - I Walk The Line

Boy its been a good long time since I`ve posted anything! Been super busy this summer at work but as the winter comes on now work will slow down some so I`ll have some more time for my favorite past time---messing with old records! So---away we go!

So here is the next installment of the Mother Maybelle Carter series from my archives. I`m getting close to running out of her material, so enjoy!!

Click here to download The Carter Family - I Walk The Line


  1. Thanks very much. Nice to see you back at it. Still going through those 78s, especially of the Hawaiian variety. As for the Carters, Anita nailed it when she sang "All My Trials."

  2. Welcome back! I believe this album was originally issued as "The Country Album" on Columbia in 1967 - with three additional tracks. Has anyone got the missing tracks?

  3. Great to see you back and looking forward to you posting lots more albums in the coming months.

  4. Thanks for the album. Very much appreciated here! Great music!

  5. I used to really hate country music. When i started dating my wife she would always play country music. She told me that I would learn to love it. I quickly learned that there were a lot of really good songs in the genre. I wouldn't say that country is one of my favorite genres now or anything like that. I definitely have an appreciation of the music that I didn't before, and I can actually enjoy when it is on the radio at times.