Sunday, August 31, 2014

Barnyard Steve - OKeh 45366

Barnyard Steve / OKeh 45366
Out On The Farm / Arkansas Bill Green
recorded June 26, 1929 in Dallas, Texas
Here`s an oddity for sure, certainly a novelty as the label description says. This is the only record this man made, I don`t even know what his real name was. This type of record was popular in the early recording industry from the 1890`s up till the early teens. I guess OKeh must have thought the market was ripe for one more disc of this type. Out On The Farm is a bunch of farm sound imitations. Arkansas Bill Green is a Jew`s harp tune. Happy downloading!

Click here to download Barnyard Steve - OKeh 45366


  1. Glad to see some new posts show up. It's been awhile. Summer will do that to ya!

  2. Barnyard Steve is my grandfather and he's from Dallas, Texas. This is the only recording he did as far as I know. He died in Dallas in 1957,more info and photo on my website www.

  3. Steve Edward Austin was born in Riddleville, Texas on May 29, 1890. He performed on the Orpheum Vaudeville circuit as Barnyard Steve, other times as Uncle Hiram and his Animals. Later, he became a regular performer on WFAA-AM in Dallas. He also toured high schools as a ventriloquist and even supplied animal voices for Walt Disney. Barnyard Steve played no instruments other than the jaw harp, and was not, to my knowledge, a real square dance caller.
    He died in Dallas, Texas on May 12, 1955.

  4. Thanks! I love these obscure artists, and there's always room for more harp material.