Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Golden Classics promo disc

 Here`s an odd one. A promo 45 for a music club. Most of you know I`m a Roy Acuff fan, so that`s why I bought this. Of course, as can be seen on the labels, there are also a few other country music legends on here too. Enjoy!

Click here to download Golden Classics CMRCA 1


  1. Super Allen
    More Roy if you can

  2. Now that I've heard the promo 45, I wonder what the gimmick was (besides the membership card and lapel pin). Starday bought up a lot of small companies, so they had enough of a library to put together compilation albums. Discogs has some track lists. Considering the number of tracks, the LPs were definitely microgroove with about a half-hour per side; the songs might have been edited down:

  3. There are copies of those LPs for sale online -- and there are buyers. I found a Billboard article about how the president of Starday turned the record club into a success by offering little gimmicks, playing up a connection between patriotism & country music, and encouraging members to sign up other people. He had country music fans vote on what selections should be included in each volume. I haven't been able to find out how many volumes were issued, nor how much they cost. It looks like all the LPs had a generic front; only the backs were different with extensive liner notes and artists' photos.