Sunday, June 2, 2013

Country Style U.S.A. - Program Numbers 95&96

What we have here is Cousin Jody & Odie with Shirley Webb on side 95, and The Wilburn Brothers with Gordon Terry on side 96. These transcriptions are proving to be pretty popular on the blog!

Track list for side 95---
1. Television Set - Cousin Jody & Odie
2. Money - Cousin Jody & Odie
3.There`ll Be No Teardrops Tonight - Shirley Webb
4. New River Train - Cousin Jody & Odie

Track list for side 96---
1. I`m A Settin` You Free - The Wilburn Brothers
2. Service With A Smile - Gordon Terry
3. Steal Away - The Wilburn Brothers
4. Go `Way With Me - The Wilburn Brothers

Click here to download Country Style U.S.A. - Program Numbers 95&96


  1. I have always enjoyed Cousin Jody and his bisket board and all his country cousins. Terry's fiddle work always was electric to me.
    thanks Floyd