Monday, November 19, 2012

Roy Harper - Hear Them Again

 Here is the last LP I have of Roy Harper with Blake Bynum. I have already posted two other LP`s by them a long time ago. I know of one more all gospel LP they had out, but when I see it for sale the price is WAY out of my range. It usually brings between $200 and $300! So if anyone out there has one laying around and wants to get rid of it cheap, let me know!

Click here to download Roy Harper - Hear Them Again-Great Old Country Songs


  1. Thank You so much!

    Excellent and pleasant :)


  2. I got these LP`s when I was about 15 years old. They`ve been some of my all time favorites!

  3. Wow. What an excellent blog. Thanks for posting all of this amazing music. I'll be back frequently. It's damn near next to impossible to find these albums up here in Michigan. Be well.

  4. Hello from the Big Mikan (Tokyo),

    Tried to get the Roy Harper "Hear Them Again" but Mediafire just takes me to nonsense advertising.
    Great blog, a journey into a world of music rarely heard these days. Many thanks for your efforts.
    Cheers, from another cyber ghost...

    1. Give me a couple days Big Mikan, and I`ll fix it----Allen

  5. The link has been repaired. Happy downloading!!

  6. Hi Allen,
    Thanks for the repairs. I'm listening to Roy Harper and Blake Bynum now as I type this. I'll be checking out more of your selections as time goes on. You're introducing me, and probably a lot of other people, to a totally different generation of country music and more. Much obliged.
    Cheers from Japan.

    BTW, the "Big Mikan" is actually a reference to Tokyo itself, much as the "Big Apple" is to New York. I guess it was invented with humour in mind. "Mikan" is the Japanese word for "tangerine", what's commonly called a "Mandarin orange" in many parts of North America. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.