Friday, September 7, 2012

Jimmy Driftwood - Newly Discovered Early American Folk Songs / The Battle Of New Orleans

 Here`s sort of an odd one. This LP was issued with two different covers, although the back of the cover is the same on both issues. Who knows why, were they trying to fool people into buying the "new" LP released with a different cover? Oh well... it`s not what`s on the cover that concerns us, it`s what`s on the vinyl that we care about. And this is a good LP, give it a download!

Another thing I`m wondering, how did Jimmy actually spell his first name? I believe it`s Jimmy with a Y. LP`s on RCA is pretty much the only place I see it spelled Jimmie with an IE instead of a Y.         


  1. If nobody else will comment, then let me. this music is pure treasure, and I've wanted to hear much of this for decades! As a teacher and music historian (like Jimmy himself) I'm grateful for your help keeping these relics alive.

  2. Hi Allen,
    here are the answers about your questions on the albums and the spelling of Jimmy´s name.
    The cover has been changed because the first issue did not get to much recognition. Johnny Horton made a smash out of Battle Of New Orleans and RCA quickly changed the cover putting The Battle all above the other tunes.
    They also changed the spelling of his name to Jimmy, the same way he used to spell his name at the beginning of his career on Cardinal rtecords!
    Best regards

  3. I have never heard (or even saw) the Cardinal recordings. I`d like to though!

  4. I'm unsure of the "Country Boy" track, but the others here are available as part of the Bear Family boxset, Americana. A great artist! Will take a listen, thank you.

    1. Also, I was always under the impression that Jimmie spelled his name with an i-e, I'm not sure if I read that in the boxset liner notes or otherwise. I'll have a look within the coming weeks and get back, if no one else does.