Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My 78`s #5

Obed Pickard / Columbia 15141-D
Bury Me Not On The Prairie/Kitty Wells / Recorded March 31, 1927
This is the first recording issued by Obed "Dad" Pickard. It`s neat the label says "of Station WSM, Nashvilee, Tenn" on it. Supposedly, Goerge D. Hay (who "invented" The Grand Ole Opry") set up this recording session for the Pickards, as they were artists on the Opry at this time.

Dan Hornsby Novelty Quartet / Columbia 15444-D
Take Me Out To The Ball Game/Hinky Dinky Dee / recorded April 14, 1929
Dan Hornsby worked for Columbia, apparently looking for hillbilly talent. He made several records on his own and was on many of the Skillet Licker skit records. It`s neat to hear a complete version of Take Me Out To The Ball Game, a great American tune.

Virginia Female Jubilee Singers / OKeh 4430
O Mary, Don`t You Weep, Don`t You Mourn/Lover Of The Lord / recording date unknown to me
Here`s a pretty neat record of a female quartet, likely recorded around 1926-ish. I know nothing about them. O Mary, Don`t You Weep, Don`t You Mourn is known as a tune mostly sung back then by black people and is a great old tune.

Vess L. Ossman / Victor 5056
Pretzel Pete March / recording date unknown to me
8 inch disc. Good classic style, finger picked banjo picking on this single sided disc.

Uncle Am Stuart / Vocalion 14841
Sally Gooden/Leather Breeches / recorded July 7, 1924
Good old-time fiddlin` Tennessee style. Apparently got a recording session for winning a fiddling contest. One of the earlier country records. Although many fiddlers recorded solo at this time, the record company, for some unknown reason, paired him with a studio musician on tenor banjo named Gene Austin, who went on to have a hit of his own a few years later in the pop field called My Blue Heaven, which was a HUGE hit.

Roy Acuff / un-issued test pressing
Coming From The Ball / recorded April 11, 1940
Great old-time tune featuring "Sister" Rachel Veach on 5-string banjo and harmony singing. Rachel Veach was a cousin of Sam & Kirk McGee, which one of them got Roy to audition her to join hi band. After she was with Roy awhile he started getting mail asking how a little single country girl could travel with a bunch of boys and keep her "respect". So, to please the fans she made his dobroist her partner as her brother. This is where Pete got the name of Bashful Brother Oswald, from Roy`s imagination.

Billy Golden & James Marlow / Par-O-Ket No. 78
The Liars/The Darkies Oration On "Woman" / likely recorded in the early teens
7 inch disc. Here is an old "Coon" record. So, BEWARE, if you are offended by this type of material, please do not listen to it. The Liars is sort of a contest to see who can tell the biggest lie. A fun record to hear on a very unusual, rare label. The record label is actually molded into the record. I included a picture of the sleeve also because it`s pretty neat.

Rev. J.M. Gates / Paramount 12416
Baptize Me/After A While - likely recorded about 1926 or 27
Pretty neat record with some preaching and acapella singing. There were many preaching records in the 20`s, but I have just recently discovered them myself and think they are fun to listen to.

Orchestra / Little Wonder 156
Kentucky Home / likely recorded in the teens
Neat record, a 5 inch disc.

Pappy "Gube" Beaver / Capitol 284
You Can Be A Millionaire With Me/Automobile Of Life / likely recorded about 1948-ish
I know nothing about Mr. Beaver. I don`t often get 78`s that are recorded after World War 2. I got this because Automobile of life is a Roy Acuff song, I believe written by Roy.

Billy Golden & James Marlowe / Pathe 29126
A Coon`s Attempted Suicide/The Curiosity Hunters / likely recorded in the teens
11 inch disc. BEWARE, this is a "coon"record. Pretty funny skits here, though.

Ed McConnell & Family / Columbia 15291-D
I Want To Be Like Jesus/My Loving Brother / recorded April 18, 1928
I know nothing about the McConnells. My Loving Brother is a fine gospel quartet side.

Len Spencer / Starr Record 3607
Musical Moke / likely recorded in the early teens
Single sided disc. BEWARE, this is a "coon" type side. Neat recording though.

Bob Ferguson & Charlotte Miller / Columbia 15657-D
Corn Pone And Pot Likker, Part 1&2 / recorded March 9, 1931
A comedy skit that`s pretty un-funny.

Charlie Oaks / Vocalion 15345
Home Of The Soul/Just Before The Battle, Mother / recorded August 4, 1926
I know nothing about him. Good solo record.

The Jenkins Family / OKeh 40249
Sail On/The Silver Lining / recorded August 28, 1924
The Jenkins family was led by the dad, "Blind' Andy Jenkins, who was a preacher in Atlanta, Georgia. He was well know for writing "event" songs, songs about stuff like storms, wrecks and murders. Likely his best know composition is The Death Of Floyd Collins, a song about a cave explorer who got stranded in a small passage by a rock that pinned his leg, he died before he could be rescued.

Riley Puckett / Columbia 15179-D
Twenty One Years/All Bound Down In Prison / recorded October 29, 1931
Both songs are jail tunes. Twenty One Years was a very popular tune.

Len Spencer & Gilbert Girard / Universal Zonophone Record No. C. 5478
Auction Sale Of Household Gods / likely recorded 1905-1910-ish
Old comedy skit, pretty neat to listen to.

Scottdale String Band / OKeh 45118
Stone Mountain Wobble/Carbolic Rag / recorded March 21, 1927
Good mandolin and guitar string band.

Billy Golden / American Record Company No. 67
Roll On De Ground / likley recorded 1910-ish
7 inch disc made of blue shellac. BEWARE, another old "coon" song. Fun record with a pretty label.

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  1. Very good selections here! Wasn't "Roll on de Ground" also recorded later by Al Hopkins & the Buckle Busters? Thanks again.

  2. Replies
    1. That is amazing Sister Rachel is my grandmother and I have been looking for different things of hers. Do you know of any other copies I may be able to find of the one you posted?

  3. Interesting that the American Record Company printed "NEGRO SHOUT" on this one. Does it mean this was really a song often performed by blacks? Or was it a stereotype kind of song?

  4. Wow, what a trove. Thanks a bunch for posting these.

  5. I`d say this tune was a vaudeville or minstrel show song, but I don`t really know.

  6. Thanks so much for all your efforts. Enjoying listening to these in Aberdeen, Scotland.

  7. As of July 4th, 2014, this link has been fixed.

  8. Thank you for sharing all this over the years. This is a fantastic blog. Here's some information aabout Pappy Gube Beaver: www.knoxmercury.com/2015/09/17/the-knoxville-film-fest-premieres-new-doc-about-pappy-gube-beaver/

    1. Thanks for the link. I had no idea about anything about him. I had wondered if he might have been a preacher.