Monday, November 15, 2010

2 V Disc 78`s from World War 2

Here is something I don`t really know anything about, the V Disc. These were made only by the most popular, well known artists of the day. They were used as a morale booster for the troops. I would assume the artists performed these sides for free to help the war effort.

The Roy Acuff songs are unique recordings, meaning these are not just dubs from their records that were out at the time. Before I ever had a V Disc I just assumed that they were made from current records at the time. This is not the case apparently, at least with the Acuff recordings. I know nothing about the pop music side of disc No. 127.

The Carson Robison tracks are pretty interesting. Carson Robison was a pretty prolific song writer (as well as a hugely popular country recording artist in the 1920`s and early 1930`s, often partnering with Vernon Dalhart) and according to the label he wrote these tracks. They are good examples of things that were accepted as morale boosters to the troops and here at home. These tracks would likely be considered to have some racist type remarks in them by today`s "politically correct" standards. SO----listener, beware.

Click here to download V Disc 127 & 145

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  1. Hello from FRANCE!Hope i'm writing okay!
    Many many thanks for your efforts ,to keep those artists alive and put into the light those fantastic players.Your blog's amazing!
    Just started a guitar blog with country guitar stuff like buck owens etc..if you play,come check it out.Maybe i could transcribed some of the lp's you post and share that culture even more widely
    Take care