Friday, September 10, 2010

Southern Mountain Folksongs And Ballads LP on the Riverside label

Here is another good LP with various old-time artists from the late 60`s or early 70`s. There is some fine stuff here. I recommend downloading it. Artists include Artus Moser, Harry & Jeanie West, George Pegram, Walter Parham, Virgil Sturgill And Obray Ramsey. This LP is sort of like a sampler, some (if not all) of these tracks maybe on another LP printed sometime.
Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download Southern Mountain Folksongs and Ballads


  1. Thanks for this fine old record of traditional music (1956). I especially enjoy the Harry & Jeanie West duets. Your clear scans make it possible to read the informative liner notes too.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I wish I had a scanner big enough to get the whole album cover with only one scan.

  3. I can on here to comment about Harry and Jeanie as well, I seemed to of missed them in my collections. Fantastic duets and harmonies. Oh and the rest of the album is pretty darn good too, Good job Allen.

  4. Just come across your site, which is a godsend for archiving hundreds of old recordings I have here without information -
    Your blood's worth bottling, as they say here in Ireland
    Many thanks
    Jim Carroll