Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bashful Brother Oswald - Dobro & Banjo LP on the Tennessee Records label

Here is another LP by one of my favorites, Bashful Brother Oswald. I believe this is a quite rare reord, I didn`t even know this existed till I found it on ebay one day. There`s some great music here. Most of these tunes are not songs Oswald routinely performed.
The Tennessee Records label was a label that dobro picker Tut Taylor had in the 1970`s. I have no idea how many records Tut released on this label.
One interesting thing on this album is the first song is sort of an advertisement. Oswald mentions he`s going to pick banjo the way the Tennessee mountain banjo style. Tut Taylor also owned and ran Tennessee musical instrument building company and had a model of open back 5 string banjo that was supposedly the "Oswald" model. I have got to actually play one (likely wasn`t many made) and it was a good `un. There was also a Grandpa Jones model planned. I don`t know if either model was ever put into production. There was also an "Oswald" model dobro, but I`m sure there was very few if any built.
We have the usual crew here for an Oswald record---fellow Smoky Mountain Boy Charlie Collins, Norman Blake, Tut Taylor and someone named Dave Daughtery, which I know nothing about.
I`m sure th instruments in the LP cover picture are "Oswald" models, too bad they can`t be seen well. On another Oswald LP called That`s Country I`m 100% sure the banjo in the picture on the album cover is an "Oswald" model. The one that I played had identical inlays on the finger board. Now I`ll have to post that record so you can see the banjo.
Happy listening!!

Click here to download Bashful Brother Oswald - Banjo & Dobro


  1. I have always enjoyed Hawaiian and Oswald's Hilo March is great as is the rest of the album.
    I am very luck to get to play with some great dobro and lap steel players and the music is so relaxing it brings a great peace to the end of a day.
    Thanks for your gerat blog and your hard work and great pieces you put here.

  2. What a wonderful record. I'm new to your blog. Thanks for taking the time to share your record collection.


  3. Hi Floyd--Hilo March is about my favorite Hawaiian type tune Oswald (or anyone else, never heard a bad version of it) played. I also play it, it was one of the first songs I really figured out how to play right with all the bar slants in it.

  4. Good day! First of all I would like to say the fact that you actually have made a very nice looking site. And there is also one thing I wanted to ask you. Do you plan to write as a professional or having a blog is solely a hobby?

  5. It`s just a hobby. I don`t want all this stuff that`s staring to become "obscure" to be totally forgotten. Also, I have plenty of stuff to blog for several years to come at 2 or 3 posts a week.
    I can`t imagine writing professionally. I wouldn`t know what to start with or what to say. What I write on the blog is just random thoughts at the moment I`m making the post and listening to the music I`m posting. Thanks a million for the kind words PerfectFlawlessBlog, it`s very flattering!