Saturday, May 8, 2010

Banjo Pickin` Girl - Vol.1 LP

Sorry it`s been a while since I`ve posted anything. Been busy lately working at night some long shifts and that don`t go so good with other activities!
Here`s a mighty good LP with some sort of unusual songs. The tunes range from hard core old-time to near pop.
Here is just a few facts from the shadows of my mind on a few of these artists---
Eva Davis & Samantha Bumgarner was the first female duet to record country music (for Columbia in 1924)
Roba Stanley was the first female solo artist to record a country tune (for OKeh)
Moonshine Kate was the daughter of Fiddlin` John Carson.
The Bowman Siters were the daughters of Charlie Bowman, a famous old-time fiddler from the 1920`s that played with The Hill Billies that recorded for Brunswick (they were the first group to use the word (s) hill billie (or hillbilly - however you want to spell it)
Rubye Blevins became the well known Patsy Montana.
Unfortunately I don`t have the book that came with the LP, nor do I have vol.2 of this. I don`t even know if vol.2 was ever even issued.

Click here to download Banjo Pickin` Girl - Vol.1


  1. I am always looking forward to your posts. You bring some rare albums. Thanks!

  2. these last two posts are the bees knees. thx for sharing owla those 78's too. what a fine castle u have erected hear. have no choice but to summarily link ya to my own fledgling bloggish endeavor. wonderful

  3. I couldn't buy as many of these LPs as I wanted when they were being issued, so it's a double treat to find them now. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I`ve been wanting to post more often, but I`ve been pretty busy and we are working a highway construction job at night at work and I`m hoping the night job will be over about the end of this month. Night work and doing anything much else don`t mix so good!

  5. thanks for posting banjo pickin girl

  6. Nice collection. What a mis-named lp though- only at the end do they present some actual banjo pickin'. Perfectly all right for me, in the sense that several of these are interesting songs to study. Odd that they used that title; something like 'old-time pickin' gals' would have been more accurate. As always---love your blog!

  7. Yeah, I`ve wondered why they named it this too. Maybe they though banjo would sell more than any thing else they thought of. Now-a-days someone would sue them for false packaging----lol.

  8. This album is from 1978.

    Here are some actual performer names, alt. song titles, and recording dates from

    01. Big Eyed Rabbit - Eva Davis & Samantha Bumgartner
    02. Single Life - Roba Stanley - (1925)
    03. All Night Long (Blues) - Roba Stanley - (1924)
    04. Export Gal (Knoxville Girl) - Louisiana Lou - (1933)
    05. Banjo On My Knee - Louisiana Lou (Eva Conn) - (1933)
    06. Cowboy's Wife - Billie Maxwell - (1929)
    07. I Wish I Had Never Met You - Blue Ridge Mountain Singers - (1930)
    08. Christine Leroy - Blue Ridge Mountain Singers - (1930)
    09. Poor Girl's Story - Moonshine Kate (Rose Lee Carson) - (1930)
    10. Last Gold Dollar (Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down) - Moonshine Kate (Rose Lee Carson) - (1930)
    11. Old Lonesome Blues - The Bowman Sisters - (1929)
    12. Montana Plains - Rubye Blevins (Patsy Montana) - (1933)
    13. Waltz Of The Hills - Rubye Blevins (Patsy Montana) - (1933)
    14. Bucking Bronco - Girls of the Golden West - (1934)
    15. Sowing On The Mountain - Coon Creek Girls - (1938)
    16. Banjo Pickin' Girl - Coon Creek Girls - (1938)

    Thanks very much for posting this impossible to find album.

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  11. Oops! That was from

    01. Big Eyed Rabbit - Eva Davis & Samantha Bumgartner was recorded in 1938. (There is a "t" in her last name.)

    Sorry about the deletes. I shouldn't write when I'm tired.)